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LPG Conversion

LPG conversion is a straight forward and cost effective way of altering a petrol vehicle to run on LPG. You cannot use LPG on a vehicle which does not come with an LPG converter; otherwise, you need to find an LPG conversion specialist for your car conversion to start using LPG as an alternative fuel.

LPG Conversion Process

LPG Conversion Process consists of two main areas,

. the front installation (components mounted in the engine bay and switch mounted inside the car)

.The back area and piping (Tank, filler and feed pipe to the front)

LPG ConversionSince 2000, with the introduction of on-board diagnostics (OBD) every car should have multi injection sequential (information provided by the petrol control unit (ECU) is utilised to control the LPG injectors) i.e. performance and driveability between LPG and petrol.

It is recommended before going for LPG conversion of your car to discuss the options for locating the various components such as the switch and the filler, Tank location and Capacity with lpg conversion specialist.

Front End Kit
The front end kit installation vary greatly depending on the vehicle’s engine bay layout, engine size etc. At Ecotec Autogas Our aim is to integrate the LPG system so it looks like it is part of the car like a factory fitted LPG conversion system. This will help you get trouble free service in future.

LPG gauge and gas/petrol switch
The combined switch (Autogas and Petrol) and Gas tank level gauge is fitted neatly in to the dashboard. The Switching to LPG and gas is automatic, but if required allows you to over ride it yourself. An audible buzzer is also fitted to notify you of change in status of the LPG system.

The tank and filler- Mostly, the LPG Tank is placed in spare wheel area and is referred to as a “toroidal tank" and is used when driver do not want to compromise on the load space. However a "Cylindrical tank" (A larger capacity tank) can be mounted on the boot floor. LPG Filler is usually mounted in the bodywork and where possible the same side as the petrol filler. You can also order a color coded filler to match your car body paint. The standard ones are matt black finish.

Lastly, always Get LPG Conversion by UKLPG Approved LPG Conversion specialist for Autogas conversion.

Liquid Petroleum Gas

LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas and by installing LPG converter you could use it as an alternative to petroleum which potentially cut your fuel bills by as much as 40%. LPG is a convenient energy source used for many purposes including for heating and cooking, as well as for vehicle fuel. Forty per cent of LPG comes from refining crude oil and 60% comes from field production. The number of vehicles using LPG is growing rapidly. Recent estimates suggest there are more than 11 million vehicles using LPG worldwide, with more than 25% of those located in Europe.

We hope that this information is enough for you to understand the benifit of LPG Conversion and LPG conversion process. If you have any questions in mind please visit our FAQ section and if still unclear you can contact us at 01895 348 518 or write us info@ecotecautogas.com