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LPG Conversion

LPG is a conventional energy source used for many proposes including the automotive industry by using a converter. A large percentage of LPG comes from field production but a noticeable contribution also comes from refining the crude oil. The number of vehicles using LPG is growing rapidly. Recent estimates suggest there are more than 11 million vehicles using LPG worldwide, with more than 25% of those located in Europe. LPG conversion is a straight forward and cost effective way of altering a petrol vehicle to run on LPG. You cannot use LPG on a vehicle which does not come with an LPG converter; if your car does not have a converter then you need to find an LPG conversion specialist for your car to start using LPG as an alternative fuel.

LPG Conversion Process

To understand the LPG Conversion Process we have to categorise it into two main areas,

  • the front installation (components mounted in the engine bay and switch mounted inside the car)
  • The back area and piping (Tank, filler and feed pipe to the front)

LPG ConversionSince 2000, with the introduction of on-board diagnostics (OBD) every car should have multi-injection sequential (information provided by the petrol control unit (ECU) is utilized to control the LPG injectors) i.e. performance and drive-ability between LPG and petrol.

It is recommended before going for LPG conversion of your car to discuss the options for locating the various components such as the switch and the filler, Tank location and Capacity with LPG conversion specialist.

Front End Kit

The front end kit installation vary greatly depending on the vehicle’s engine bay layout, engine size etc. At Ecotec Autogas Our aim is to integrate the LPG system so it looks like it is part of the car like a factory fitted LPG conversion system. This will help you get trouble free service in future.

LPG gauge and gas/petrol switch

The combined switch (Autogas and Petrol) and Gas tank level gauge is fitted neatly in to the dashboard. The Switching to LPG and gas is automatic, but if required allows you to over ride it yourself. An audible buzzer is also fitted to notify you of change in status of the LPG system.

The tank and filler- Mostly, the LPG Tank is placed in spare wheel area and is referred to as a “toroidal tank" and is used when driver do not want to compromise on the load space. However a "Cylindrical tank" (A larger capacity tank) can be mounted on the boot floor.

LPG Filler is usually mounted in the bodywork and where possible the same side as the petrol filler. You can also order a color coded filler to match your car body paint. The standard ones are matte black finish.

Lastly, always Get LPG Conversion by UKLPG Approved LPG Conversion specialist for Autogas conversion.

Advantages and disadvantages of using LPG in CAR

If we are looking to keep the vehicle that runs over LPG then there are move advantages over disadvantages and one can save a pocket full of money to spend on his/her family. before you go for LPG Conversion of your car, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of it. Lets have a look at some of them.

  • Less Carbon emission - Converting your car to LPG not only helps you save the money but also helps save environment as LPG Converted car produces 20% less emission then petrol cars
  • Less price compare to Petrol - LPG is far much cheaper than petrol. Those wo do high mileage of the cars like cab drivers, delivery vehicles can save almost 40% on their fuel which will sum up to a huge figure every year.
  • Less noise than Diesel engine - Those engines that runs on LPG are much quieter than diesel engines.
  • Reduced taxes - Vehicles that run on LPG falls in the low tax band and hence qualify for the reduce taxation which again will save you some money

  • Installation cost - There is a good handsome amount required to convert your car. Normally, the price is between £1000 - £4000. But keep in mind only a Professional installer can install hassle free conversion system to your car
  • Service after every 100 Miles - You have to take your car for service approximately after every 1000 Miles and if you have high mileage then it can be of concern but remember it also saves you lot of money.
  • LPG Fuelling Station - At this current time, not all the fuel station is selling LPG so when you travel away from your local area, you must know the LPG fuelling stations to get car tank filled up else you will end up travelling on petrol
  • Car Warranty - Before going for LPG Conversion, Please have a detailed look into your car warranty terms and condition, By installing LPG Conversion kit in your car can void its warranty

We hope that this information is enough for you to understand the benefit of LPG Conversion and LPG conversion process. If you have any questions in mind please visit our FAQ section and if still unclear you can contact us at 01895 348 518 or write us


LPG Conversion

LPG conversion is a straight forward and cost effective way of altering a petrol vehicle to run on LPG. You cannot use LPG on a vehicle which does not come with an...


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